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A Review of Lawyer Brandon S. Clark (2021)

Even as workplace safety has improved, for every 100 employees, there are still 3.4 workers’ compensation claims filed. Whether you’re an employee, employer, or insurance provider, you should consider working with lawyer Brandon Clark.

Clark has years of experience working on workers’ compensation claims, and he can help with other personal injury cases. Read on to learn if his services are the right fit for you.

About Brandon S. Clark

Brandon S. Clark is an experienced attorney with a focus on workers’ compensation and personal injury claims. He also offers consulting services to help others understand the Workers’ Compensation system in New York State.

Clark’s practice focuses on injuries in the workplace, and he offers good advice to clients. If you have a workers’ compensation case, Clark can assist you through the legal process.

He had worked in the field of law since before he became a lawyer, so he has seen multiple sides of the industry. Whether you are a client in need of help or a fellow lawyer, Clark’s education and experience have prepared him to help you.


Clark received his Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy, politics, and law from Binghamton University in 2001. Three years later, he graduated Magna Cum Laude with his Juris Doctor from New York Law School.

Binghamton University is one of the top universities in New York, giving Clark an excellent head start on his law career. New York Law School is an excellent law program with many resources for students.

After graduating, lawyer Brandon Clark was admitted to the Courts of the State of New York, First Judicial Department. Then, he was able to work more in the field of law and advance his career to where it is today.


Clark started working in the legal field when he was a student at Binghamton University. He worked as a law clerk at the Law Firm of Alan W. Clark & Associates, LLC. Later, he worked for the same firm as an associate until 2015.

From 2015 to 2019, Clark worked as an associate for Pasternack, Tilker, Ziegler, Walsh, Stanton & Romano, LLP. By the time he left the firm, he had two decades of experience working in law.

In 2019, Clark worked for Bangel, Cohen & Falconetti, LLP as an associate. However, he soon left the company. The same year, Clark started his own firm, Brandon S. Clark, P.C., and is the Chief Attorney Principal.

Practice Areas

Choosing a Workers’ Compensation attorney or personal injury lawyer can be a difficult decision, but knowing one’s practice areas can help you. Clark specializes in workplace injuries, and he can help individuals and other parties in workers’ compensation claims.

In addition to serving as a lawyer, he provides legal consulting services to individuals, companies, and other lawyers. Whether you are an employee, insurance provider, or employer, Clark can help you with his services.

Workers’ Compensation

Clark has over a decade of experience specializing in Workers’ Compensation in New York. He can represent your interests in a Workers’ Compensation claim, whether you’re an employee, an employer, or otherwise.

His record of working in the field means you have an expert on your side. You can ask for help if you have a Workers’ Compensation claim or if you are an insurance carrier. Employers who don’t have Workers’ Compensation can also benefit from Clark’s services.

When you have a Workers’ Compensation case, you want to work with a specialist. While other lawyers can work on these cases, they don’t have as much experience specific to the area. Clark can help you navigate the complexities of a Workers’ Compensation case.

Personal Injury

Clark also helps victims of personal injuries from construction accidents, vehicle accidents, and medical malpractice. He can also help with slip and fall cases and other cases that resulted in bodily injuries.

As a personal injury lawyer, Clark won’t charge a legal fee unless his firm retains a recovery for you. You can get a free initial consultation as well to discuss your case.

As a Worker’s Compensation attorney, Clark has tools and experience that can help you with other injury cases. Whether you had a car accident or experienced an injury from a fall, Clark can help you.

Consulting and Per Diem Services

Clark can also help other lawyers and law firms in the State of New York. He offers consulting and per diem services and can assist with hearings, depositions, or written summations. If you want someone else to review your work, consulting is a great option.

His work also covers applications to the Workers’ Compensation Board. Clark can help you with an Application for Board Review or a Rebuttal. He’ll also help you with other proceedings before the board.

If your goal is to become a Workers’ Compensation attorney in New York, consider hiring Clark as a consultant. That way, you can get the help you need to reach your law career goals.

Representation Availability

Clark works out of Flushing, a part of Queens, New York. However, he can work with individuals and organizations across the state. As a small law firm, you can work with Clark directly on your case or for your consulting needs.

Whether you are in Brooklyn, Buffalo, or somewhere in between, Clark is an excellent lawyer for Workers’ Compensation and personal injury claims. You can contact him for an initial consultation to make sure he is the right lawyer for you.

Then, you can work with him on your case to achieve the best outcome possible.

How to Get in Touch

If you want to work with Brandon S. Clark, you can contact him on his website. He offers free consultations with no obligation.

Whether you’re in New York City or elsewhere in New York, you can work with a specialist with decades of experience in the field of law.

Legal Counsel You Need

If you have a Workers’ Compensation or personal injury case in New York, you should consider working with lawyer Brandon Clark. He is an expert in Workers’ Compensation claims, and can give you the professional advice you need. 

As a consultant, Clark can also help other lawyers with cases. He’s an excellent lawyer in the State of New York.

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